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Throughout my coaching career I have run into many business at different stages where the owner just needs someone to bounce ideas off of.  One reason that I offer this service is because I am really good at brain-storming.
Whether you just need someone to review your idea or you need some new ideas – let’s get you that ahaha moment together.
Maybe you don’t feel comfortable running your idea by your spouse, family or even staff members for lots of reasons. 
Maybe you don’t know who to run things by because you don’t think they will understand or be able to add value.
I am a lightbulb machine.  I love love love working through processes with my clients in all aspects of their business to help them get to where they are going. 
Your idea does nothing if it is just sitting in your head – let’s bring it to life!

Hillsborough, NC 27278, USA

Results will vary based on individual participation.  You have to do the work to achieve the goals that you are striving to achieve. 
Just like sports players that have a coach – they have to do the work too.
We do not offer or provide services for mental health or behavioral problems.  Please seek professional help for this.

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